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Egg Prices Increasing

Egg Prices Increasing

Featured Image © Gawker Wholesale egg prices are rising due to a new California law. It is becoming mandatory for chicken farmers to provide large, cage-free habitats, and some are having to reduce their stock for this movement. Informative video & article here: [Content Copyright © 2015 ABC Inc., KGO-TV San Francisco. All Rights Reserved.] Read More »

Introducing: Itemized Package Ordering

Garden Grocer Shopping List

At Garden Grocer, we attempt to surpass what is expected and provide a unique, positive experience that lingers in our customer’s minds long after their engagements.  What we have been considering for some time now, and what many of our consumers have requested, is a pre-planned shopping list that they can access instantly.  If you are unsure what to purchase, or you are seeking a simplified way of navigating the ordering process, this feature may be beneficial to you!  The idea is a work in progress, but with a little nurturing and fine-tuning, we believe it will become a wonderfully useful tool for our valued customers. Today, we have prepared our first package item set – a gathering of essentials if you are visiting one of Central Florida’s theme parks.  We sampled some commonly purchased items for park goers and broke it down into a table for easy viewing!  The items featured are all excellent for hydration, skin care for sunny days, and are easily carried around the parks for snacks on-the-go.   We also kept our $40 minimum subtotal in mind, inching just above the requirement without exceeding a modest budget.  This package, on average, would likely be ideal ... Read More »

Big Changes for Downtown Disney

Disney Springs Feat

Walt Disney World is no stranger to re-imagining and expansion, and right now, Downtown Disney is receiving a major makeover.  As reported by Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Chairman Tom Staggs, Disney Springs will be the name of the newly refreshed territory.  The plans include several new shopping, dining, and entertainment focal points that intend to make visitors feel “right at home”.  Making a leap from 75 to more than 150 venues, this reinvention will provide even more opportunity during your family vacation.  Production began in March of 2013, and is expected to be completed in 2016.  A more precise date will likely be released as development comes to a close.  We will share more details with you here in the near future!  Keep checking back for updates on potential stores, features, and eateries that will be coming to Disney Springs. If you are following these evolutions while planning a trip to Walt Disney World, generate some peace of mind by checking groceries off of your to-do list.  Garden Grocer can provide quality delivery service directly to your location! Photo © and The Walt Disney World Resort Read More »

An Open Letter To Our Customers For November 2014


Dear Garden Grocer Customer, Since our inception in 2005, Garden Grocer has been committed to providing our customers with a superior grocery delivery service. We have done a great deal over the years to implement & achieve our vision while maintaining a top notch service. The quality of our products and the customer service you receive is the ingredient to our success. We are honored by the loyalty and support our customers have shown overtime. Our staff enjoys hearing customers referring our business to others, blogs about our service, and personal reviews. Garden Grocer is now in its peak season, and time slots are filling up quickly. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may be causing you from using our service. We encourage our customers to order ahead of time to secure a timeslot for their family. Take advantage of our special savings by ordering in advance, (15 Days= 5%, 30 Days= 7%, 60 Days= 10%) off your subtotal. We are currently expanding our facility acquiring an additional 2,500 square feet bringing our total to 15,000 square feet. Management is in the process of hiring more staff to accommodate the growth of the company. This will allow Garden ... Read More »

Grocery Delivery In Orlando Florida Has Become A Lot More Magical With The Newly Released Garden Grocer iOS App

Orlando Grocery Delivery Service App Garden Grocer Vacation Hotel Resort Disney Daytona

Published: October 17th 2014 By Vince Agusta Garden Grocer Inc. is thrilled to announce that our new iOS APP is available for immediate download on the ITunes App store, . During the design process, our lead programmer tailored the user interface to suit our customers’ needs for hassle free navigation. This much anticipated app allows users to effortlessly place their grocery delivery order in the comfort of their own home or on the go. With this peace of mind, you can secure your families time slot in the palm of your hand. Planning your vacation to Orlando, Florida just got more convenient and a lot more magical. Customers will be able to browse categories or search for specific items that are essential to their family’s dietary needs. You will be able to find your favorite snacks, hardy meals, fresh produce, and even gluten free products. Users will notice many exciting new features on Garden Grocer’s APP. They will have the ability to scan barcodes to find products listed on our online store. If a question arises take a quick glance at our FAQ section or contact our friendly customer service team. Our safe and secure encrypted network ensures your ... Read More »

Garden Grocer Reviews Reviews

Recently has added a new feature:  Garden Grocer Reviews Customers can now submit a review of the service they received for their most recent order. Here’s how it works: After your order has been delivered you will receive a short survey of questions about your experience with  The survey and all questions are completely optional. If you choose to fill out the survey your rating will be publicly displayed on the website. The reviews link is located in the main menu at the top (View reviews page now: By filling out the survey it helps us to understand how we can improve in all areas of our service to our customers.  We at cannot express how much we appreciate being an integral part of your Florida vacation to the Orlando, Disney World and Daytona Beach areas. Thank You! Read More »

Orlando Florida Grocery Delivery


If you are planning your vacation to the Central Florida area, using Garden Grocer to deliver your groceries is an excellent time-saver and is one of the simplest ways to experience the luxurious convenience of Orlando Florida grocery delivery while on vacation. Just imagine waking up to a spectacular Orlando sunrise streaming in your room and not having to worry about where you are going to go for breakfast! You’ve already taken care of that – you ordered your breakfast items ahead of time from Some of the reasons why you should use Orlando’s Garden Grocer on your next visit to the Orlando and Disney World area: Garden Grocer has made over 110,000 successful deliveries in the Orlando area. Garden Grocer delivers to resorts, hotels and vacations homes. What are you waiting for? Check it out for yourself and see why so many Disney World and Orlando vacationers are using when they travel to Orlando. Read More »

Disney World Grocery Delivery


Grocery shop anytime, anywhere for your upcoming vacation to Disney World Orlando, Florida. You may ask yourself – “what are the benefits of grocery shopping online and grocery delivery to Disney World with Garden Grocer?” Disney World vacations are meant for creating lifetime memories, not waiting in line at a grocery store. But there are more benefits to having your groceries delivered to your Disney Resort and here are just a few more: If you take the above into consideration when planning your Disney World vacation, grocery shopping online and Disney World grocery delivery to your resort can be a very rewarding experience. Read More »

Grocery Delivery Orlando Florida


Traveling to Orlando with family and friends is one of the best ways to create special memories. Orlando is one of the world’s most popular destinations and you don’t want to miss out on all this fabulous city has to offer by waiting in line at a grocery store. So, we would like to share a secret with you on how to save time and money when visiting Orlando. Shop for groceries before you leave for your vacation online at – the most convenient Orlando grocery delivery service available in Central Florida. features national brands, organic and gluten free products along with convenient online aisles to browse over 4,800 items. Everything from suntan lotion to yogurt is available! And, of course, your order will be delivered directly to your Orlando or Disney hotel, resort or Orlando vacation home. Eating out every day for every meal can get rather costly – fast! Going to drive-thru fast food restaurants isn’t really what a vacation in Orlando is all about either. Let this be one less item to worry about before you travel to Orlando. Shop online in the convenience of your home or office at – Online grocery shopping ... Read More »

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